Inspected Gadget: Pano App for iPhone

Skipping past the news (or, non-news) of the weekend’s technology-world-a-tittering over reports of a new iPhone, I was digging around this morning for some fun photo apps and came across a reduced price on the Pano app. I’ve always been into true panoramic photography, even going so far as to rent some of the real deal, rotating-lens variety of cameras. So if you can’t justify carrying around a Linhoff, Horseman, or even the Lomo Horizon, at least there’s an app to get you wet. To quote RoboCop, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” (I stitched together the photo above by taking six portrait photos from left to right, covering a three block span of buildings. Another random test shot after the jump.)

The photo below is of a 40-ish story building, stacking seven or eight landscape shots. The software tries to correct for perspective a bit, and it tries to do some image magic to nicely overlap the edges, but obviously the way I’m using it doesn’t lend itself well to straight lines. All those weird angles expose where I cheated and had to turn the camera a bit – had this been a photo of a location like the desert, the result would be more seamless.  Like some built-in software on other cameras out there (Canon G9 and up for example), it assists you in stitching together panoramic shots by showing a ghosted edge of the previous photo taken, and your job is to line up the next one in the sequence. Next up? I’ll try some outdoors shots, landscape stuff, maybe some crowds and galleries.

Inspired by a story on Gizmodo

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  1. i love this app! lets you take the bombest pics… ha, word.

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