Revok Presents The World’s Best Graffiti (pt.2)

For this months post I want to show 2 guys from Auckland, New Zealand… A part of the world that seldom gets any consideration. In the last couple of years ASKEW and BERST have painted some of the best graffiti ever done to date and literally put Auckland on the map.

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  1. Thanks heaps bro. Blown away!

  2. sloop.

    incredible shit, talent beyond measure

  3. Some of the best productions I have ever seen were in Auckland. They have sanctioned the back alleys so writers can work in peace. Awesome Town!

  4. Props for Askew and Berst, far, far away but close in the heart! True kings putting Auckland on the graff globe. Thanks and thanks for ur support! BJ


    Damn their letter structure is they incorporate flaring into piecing is amazing!

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