Sound Advice 45: Super Duty Tough Work

We are pleased to present our 45th installment of Sound Advice featuring Super Duty Tough Work.  Soundboy go run home to your mama. SDTW bury blogs fi fun. We keel for nuttin’.

Sound Advice 45 – Super Duty Tough Work

Intro  –  Bad man Skip
Shaolin Pat  –  Nicodemus
Identity  –  Early B
DJ Daddy  –  Lone Ranger
Why Won’t You Come On  –  Little John
Gi Mi Wha Mi Want  –  Michael Palmer
Experience  –  Tonto Irie
What A Ride  –  Supercat
Hog In A Minty  –  Nitty Gritty
Original Kuff  –  Chaka Demus
Punnany  –  Admiral Bailey
Heart Breaker  –  Half Pint
Come Me Just a Come  –  Tenor Saw
Youths of Today  –  White Mice
E20  –  Wayne Smith
You Betta Know  –  Mikey General
Me Ave A Likkle Sound  –  King Kong
Lost Mi Love  –  Yellowman
Roll Call  –  Tenor Saw

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