Inspected Gadget: AT&T 3G MicroCell

If you’ve got a crappy AT&T mobile phone signal in your abode, the AT&T 3G MicroCell could help. It routes your phone’s calls over your broadband internet connection. Not sure how I feel about shelling out $150 to help them extend their signal, and then essentially ‘giving’ them my internet service that I’ve already paid for – but sometimes it’s worth taking some extreme measures to make sure you’ve got a signal at home.

Via Uncrate

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  1. Alex

    This is, in effect, them bending you, the consumer, over and inserting a large shaft up your ass. Is this really worth anyone’s money? We’re becoming so used to paying our monthly cell phone plans and data plans and bullshit add-ons that it almost seems like soon enough it’ll just be tacked on to our taxes!

  2. CCC

    Fuck that, this is some bullshit, REVOLT!

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