The Barnstormers at Joshua Liner Gallery this March

I’ve been keeping this one to myself but now you must know.

The show will feature works in a variety of medium including painting, photography, video, mixed media works and installation.

Artists exhibiting include:
Alex Lebedev, Alice Mazorra, Bluster One, Che Jen, Chris Mendoza, Chuck Webster, David Ellis, Dennis McNett, Doze Green, GION, Guillermo Carrion, James Lynch, Joey Garfield, Jose Parla, Kenji Hirata, Kiku Yamaguchi, KR, MADSAKI, Manny Pangilinan (WELLO), Martin Mazorra, Maya Hayuk, Mikal Hameed, Mike Houston, Mike Ming, Miyuki Pai Hirai, Naomi Kazama, Pema Brush, Romon Kimin Yang (Rostarr), Shie Moreno, SWOON, West One, Yuri Shimojo and more.

The opening for the exhibit will be on Thursday, March 18th from 6-9 pm

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