In case you care: my thoughts on Banksy / Robbo

Lots of debate on this.

Banksy is no idiot, he has been writing graffiti since the early 90’s and obviously had a clue who Robbo was and the importance of the piece.  If you look at it the pic above, it had been written over countless times and was fading into the background where eventually it would become insignificant to any buff crew without insider graffiti knowledge.  By incorporating Robbo’s piece into his own , Banksy was in fact preserving Robbo’s history since people like to preserve Banksy.  Now, what Robbo did in return was pretty great as well.  That’s what I got.

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  1. sloop.

    i concurr

  2. 2257

    Fuckin’ dope. Hope that’s the next Banksy print.

  3. Perspicacious Critic

    Shame that Robbo took Banksy’s homage the wrong way.

    Or perhaps he didn’t, or else Robbo would have simply crossed out Banksy’s entire painting.

    Either way, Robbo shouldn’t have been persuaded by the witch-hunting masses who, in my view, are jealous of Banksy’s success and in typical British fashion want to see Banksy fall from grace. (Ain’t gonna happen, people.)

  4. banksy is robbo ….

  5. don't stop believin'

    ‘Team Robbo’ has gone back and modified a second Banksy along that stretch of canal. its not over yet…

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