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Aurel Schmidt’s XXX-mas Mix

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Did you hear the one about the Hipster Trailer Park?

No? Well, it’s in Bushwick.


Babes of Yore: Brigitte Bardot

Before she became an aging racist, Brigitte Bardot was just a french babe.

(Big ups to my girl Kristin for helping out!)

up all night

Black Flag, Rise Above

2 wheel obsession

I have been riding my bike a lot these days and am feeling that an upgrade is due. I know there is a trend toward the fixed gear but, this bicycle from Kronan is my new must have. Classic in every aspect of the word, it’s like a sherman tank.

Reminisce Over This

Mobb Deep, Give Up The Goods, 1995

It’s the bottom of the river, Tom Fun Orchestra

Tom Fun Orchestra, Bottom of the River.

This is a very cool collaboration of music, animation and storytelling. I feel it might have a little inspiration from Camille Rose Garcia.

Don’t red laces in Docs mean that the wearer has shed blood for his skinhead brethren?

Right?. I guess we can be glad that the ‘white pack’ hasn’t come out yet.

Inspected Gadget: Atwood Knives and Multitools

Atwood Knives creates small batches of micro-manufactured multitools and knives. Orders are lottery based for small runs, and first-come-first-serve for larger runs.

Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Where would you put this?  After the jump, the cupcake seat

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