The 7 Hottest Women in the World at This Moment

We did some analytical research to find this out.

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  1. Good work team,

    it seems that we mesh in 5/7 of the choices. Seems like accurate research.

  2. ant

    Is 1 – Olivia Munn and who’s 4? I agree with all except for Olivia Wilde.

  3. What about Padma?

  4. Grant

    #4 is the best by far…who and where is she?

  5. the enablist

    #4 is Ashley Greene.
    and in total hindsight, Padma could replace Olivia Wilde seamlessly

  6. dr sleazy

    more empirical evidence is needed of Blake Lively

  7. Where is Shay Maria?

  8. ashley

    Well at least there is more than 2 comments all from one post. But how the hell can you guys say Olivia is not damn hot? Because #6 is actually my sister, and her 16th birthday is today..

  9. BMS

    Miranda Kerr has the hottest body out there right now.

  10. Dr Pepper

    whos number 6 holy shit shes hot i would totally fuck that

  11. It seems that the hottest of the hot is missing.. KATE MOSS!!

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