Talk at Me with Anita & Neil


In this feature, two of our favorite people, Neil Anblomi and Anita Goodman, ask each other important questions

This week, Anita asks Neil…

Anita: Halloween is upon us again and I am running all over damn town trying to get my shit ready and piece together a costume that is both humorous and appealing to the opposite sex – why is it so hard to not look like either a total goofball or a complete slut on halloween? Anyway. A couple of years ago, I broke up with a long(ish) term boyfriend on Halloween, partly because he refused to wear a costume that matched mine (I was a french maid, and wanted him to be a butler) – what do you think is the importance of wearing matching costumes when you’re in a relationship? Is it totally obnoxious or a necessary evil? If you had a sig. o, what would you dress up as this year?

Neil: Isn’t the point of Halloween to either look like a complete slut or a goofball?  I’m not sure if there is any middle ground?  I mean what would that be, a whorish clown?  As far as matching costumes with a “sig o”, IDK.  I used to date this girl named Addae.  She was from Ghana, and wanted me to paint my face black, while she would go white and we would be each other for the night.  This was 1996 and being an Irish kid, from Boston nonetheless, there was no way that was happening.  I respectfully had to let her know that no one would think that was funny or cute and I would probably get my ass kicked.  I ended up caving, getting my ass kicked, rightfully so I imagine, and she went home with my friend Anton.  Moral of the story, matching costumes are dangerous.  I would go with your gut, and just be Jabba the slut.

Happy Halloween.

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