The best compact camera ever?


According to Wired writer Mark McClusky, the new Canon S90 is all that and more.

Two big features he points out are the glass:

“It’s got a 28-105mm equivalent lens, a nice wide angle at the short end, perfect for large group shots and landscapes.”

and the speed of the lens which goes down to f2, that is extremely impressive. I also want to point out it looks nice and compact, easy for the front pocket.

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I forgot to mention the control ring that surrounds the lens — much like a focus ring on a DSLR, but programmable so you can set it to control any function you want from the camera.

10 mp will cost you $430.00

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  1. Not the best. But I have one and I love it.

    Fast glass (F2.0). G11 sensor. Raw. Front jean

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