(Untitled) the Movie + Giveaway


We had a chance to see a screening of (Untitled) a couple moments back, and liked it enough to give you all the heads up about it.  Starring Adam Goldberg, a sexy Marley Shelton, Eion Bailey, Lucy Punch, and Vinnie Jones (as a mix of Maurizio Cattelan and Vinnie Jones), the film is based on the NY Art Scene in all of its idiosyncracies. We definitely recommend seeing its debut in theaters this weekend.  As a bonus, we have a package containing a full size movie poster and the original soundtrack for the movie to giveaway.  Since the movies tagline is “Everyone’s got an opinion”, watch the trailer after the jump, then give us your opinion in the comments.  Best one wins.

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  1. djemar

    That jawn is fresh to death.

  2. Unless Vinnie Jones does a performance piece called, “Rebounding a car door off a man’s skull” I’ll probably wait for the DVD.

  3. slapthefat

    (the best comment.)

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