8 Great Anna Nicole Smith Guess Ads

These ads for Guess? were beautiful. And before Anna Nicole Smith kind of went cuckoo, she was too.

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  1. lindsay

    i was 14 when these ads came out around 1993 and even back then, i thought anna nicole smith was one of the most breathtaking women i had ever seen. i mean, look at that face! VERY few women have faces that flawless! even the people that didnt approve of her lifestyle have to admit that this woman was unbelievably stunning! how could you get tired of looking at theses pics? just…wow. what a beauty she was.

  2. major

    we black guys would like to thank anna nicole for the fun and strip club blowjobs back before she was a big ‘un.

  3. urface

    @ major u wish u had a big black dick to suck ur prolly a fat white chick

  4. very very very very very very very perfect !!!!!

  5. Pamela Ray

    I did Anna’s makeup on the Trim spa team out at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino where she died. She was very unhappy. And sick even then. Cried a lot. Probably all of the med’s.

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