The Cartrain incident


You know the big stink going on over in London between Damien Hirst and the young Graff Artist Cartrain? It reminds me a whole lot of when Tony Shafrazi defaced Picasso’s Guernica.

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  1. Alexander

    Hell no.
    Why even compare Hirst and Picasso?
    Unless you mean that Hirst is ‘defacing’ and disenfranchising the modern art movement in general.

  2. miguel

    i agree with alexander…
    Hirst is nooooowhere near Picasso, c’mon enablist, you know better!!!
    for me, Hirst is a douchebag, but tha’t just me talkin…

  3. both hirst and cartrain are terrible i dont know which i hate more…… but if your gonna have beef you may as well aim high, nice one cartrain….your works still pants though.

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