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Breyers, You Devil You!

I LOVE ice cream. But if you read this blog I am sure that you know that by now. I don’t really care about popsicles or frozen yogurt. But I’m getting sidetracked… I never really liked Breyers. It wasn’t THICK enough. I like my ice cream THICK. But this ad makes me think different. How the hell did this get through? Praise baby JESUS.

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  1. Nate

    Where do these people who are so super innocent that they can’t see the dirty in their own adds that they create from? How did they even get into advertisement?

  2. NATE: Can I hire you to write every blog and forum post I every make from this point ever!?



  3. SenorMysterioso

    It’s a spoof. Read the copy

  4. daf

    fake, but at he same time, you have to wonder who takes photos of little girls bending over in leotards, even as a joke.

  5. remind me of this , and that one is not a fake but as been changed after complaints

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