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Roy Rogers Yeeeee

AMEN! BABY JESUS! When I think about Roys I get tears in my eyes. I aint kidding. It’s like a walk in my belly down memory lane. They used to be all over Bethesda. We had open lunch in high school and we would walk to the Roys. A holster of fries, a bun and the fixings bar, and I was set.

Soft-serve ice cream with strawberry sauce on cornbread–how the fuck can you go wrong? Sadly, there are not many left. Whenever I travel the hellhole called 95 North I stop at one of the only few left, and I thank baby Jesus. ROYS, COME BACK!




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  1. sovic

    oh, fuck yeah. gold rush chicken sandwich? intense.
    it’s a shame those I-95 versions (as well as the penn station outpost) are poor imitations of a real roi’s, but i still frequent them on my trips south. you can get the original goodness in springfield, va on the franconia-springfield parkway & beulah street. i go every time i’m remotely near.

  2. Bill Ames

    I’m with you…

    I live in State College, Pennsylvania, and I’ve driven down to Maryland more than once just to get a Double R burger. Hell, I schedule my vacations around Roy Rogers. My wife thinks I’m insane, but hey, I’m paying for the vacations!

    You’ll be happy to know that Roy Rogers was purchased by the Plamandon Brothers about ten years ago, and they are probably the only two people who love Roy’s more than you and me, I guess 🙂 They are building new locations, slow but sure. If you have a spare 100k or so, you can even buy a franchise.

    Look up Roy Rogers on Facebook…they update quite a bit.

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