Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Graffiti Proof


Apparently, after some sandblasting and the application of anti-graffiti coating, Studio Number One is becoming a buff spot.

Shepard Fairey was quoted through an email saying…

“When graff seeped into the raw brick it was very difficult to clean, the building is historic and I love and want to protect the brick. The city was never any help with removal. Graffiti is par for the course.”

Well, it is a nice looking building.

via, The Eastsider LA

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  1. man this guy sucks. if you take away all the content on him this is by far the worlds greatest blog.

  2. Dan

    do you get how ironic it is that shepard fairey doesnt want graffiti or street artists to do work on HIS building, this guy is a joke.

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