I used to think razors were gay…

Until I saw this video where these guys ride them like skateboards….I know there will be haters out there but it still looks crazy. But!, there is something odd I cannot put my finger on.

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  1. Ha! I felt the same way too. That’s my homie though, half of this shit is filmed in Richmond, and his part was in the Tomboman video.



  2. the enablist

    Nope, they still are.
    Like comparing rollerblades to rollerskates.

  3. adg

    ride them like skateboards? more like ride them exactly like bmx. i’m sure these guys have a lot of skill, but i think riding around in more or less of a “i have too pee” position looks really stupid

  4. Razors are still Gay.
    Would you want to be called a professional razor scooterer? Or would you just be a pro Scoot er. You could call your hommies to go scooting.
    Although there are some innovative tricks that would be sick on a skate or a bmx. Razor scooters are as cool as yoyo’s

  5. the enablist

    actually, yo-yos are pretty cool

  6. lando35mm

    More like bikers, minus the crossbar nut trauma

  7. Matt

    Razors are gay
    like rollerblading
    and i also hate bmx
    there is a only way to hit the skatepark
    the skateboard.
    and i mean freestyle sk8 non penis and the other wrongboardz
    cheerz from italy

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