The World’s Best Guide to Ghostriding… Ever

According to Wikipedia, Ghost-riding was begun in Oakland around 2006.  To me it seems like an updated version of a chinese fire drill, although as kids we ghost-rided our bikes down hills or whatever.  What follows are some clips of fascinating Ghost Rides.

Marines Ghost Riding in Saudi

Saudi’s Ghost Riding in Saudi

Brazilian Girls Ghost Riding

Mistah Fab, Ghost Ride It video

Dwarves Ghost Riding

and…A skateboarding Ghost Ride

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  1. awgie

    Well, the moron in the first vid got what he deserved. It’s his own stupid fault for not getting back in when the first tire hit the curb. Stupid.

    As for wikipedia – everybody knows it’s entirely reader-written, so I’m not too surprised it says ghost riding started in Oakland in 2006. That’s probably the age group that has the most time on their hands to write a wiki article on it. We were doing this stuff 25 years ago – only difference is, we didn’t call it “ghost riding.”

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