friday suicide,Trinidad Suicide

Trinidad Suicide
Age 20

Makes her happy:
Sunny days

Makes her sad:
Meat eaters, consumerism, ignorance.

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Literature, photography, vegan cooking, art house films, poetry, good art, bikes, cute dogs.
Fav Bands:
Black Flag
The Distillers
A Perfect Circle
Dresden Dolls
Yo La Tengo
PJ Harvey
Bloc Party
Kings of Leon

Fav Films:
Last Tango in Paris
Death Proof
The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Dirty Love
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Stealing Beauty
Marie Antoinette

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  1. she is soooo xdeepx. i love how she hates consumerism…i bet she makes all her own xstuffx. she probably sewed those panties and bra together using hemp and bio-dye. the girls got class…i can see it in her eyes..even through the caked on make up.

  2. miguel

    Im sorry but, she hates consumerism and 2 of his fav movies are Fear and loath and Marie Antoniette…… come on!!! make up your mind girl!!!
    oohh, ok, maybe she is talking about 1938’s Maria Antoniette, and not the one with awkward face Dunst!!!

  3. Harry

    Consumerism does not constitute as consumerism in Fear and Loathing. Besides the fact that they’re consuming a hoard of drugs, drugs are not considered a neccessity. Food and accommodation are neccessities. Not being raped by perverts is a neccessity.

    It’s pretty tragic but nobody with a computer should ever lecture someone on consumerism.

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