rick’s custom squirrels


For $125, how could you not buy a custom piece of squirrel taxidermy? Plus, according to Rick

“I can mount any squirrel in just about any position or style you would like, just let me know what you may be interested in. I purchase vintage items such as clothing, weapons, hats, instruments, and just about anything you would like to have mounted.”

Anything goes on these squirrels, so make it special.  More info here


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  1. lando35mm

    can I get one that’s just nuts? hardeehar

  2. Melissa

    Hey, just wondering if you still have this ? If so I would like it for $100

  3. Carol Smith-Tavinor

    Hi, I’m looking for a Stuffed Squirrel for a present for my cousin. Could you do one in a rocking chair, with a pipe in its mouth and a book in it hands? Is it possible to send overseas, to the UK? Thanks for your time & trouble,
    Best Wishes,
    Carol Smith-Tavinor

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