Kaws 4ft Dissected Companion in Brown


Already released in Japan, the leftovers go to the rest of the World. I want one. Dudes…hook me up…I’ll break my moratorium

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  1. rolo

    i got one for sale, let my know if you want it.

  2. Mark

    Hey I know it’s probably a long shot but do you still have the 4ft dissected for sale?
    If so how much and where abouts do you live?
    I’m in Australia and am looking for one.hope to hear from you soon.thanks

  3. Rolo

    write me at rolo096m@hotmail.com, still for sale

  4. Barry Malin


    I am looking for a 4 FT Kaws Dissection Companion piece if anyone knows of the one available.

    I can be contacted at malinbarry@gmail.com.



  5. Rolo

    The kaws i had is sold,please do not contact me in regards of the figure.

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