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In the process of looking for summer essentials (a new feature coming up on TWBE) I came across this disaster. I am not sure if this is US dollars but, they want 688.00 of whatever it is. So, if your looking for a Yakuza inspired shirt, here you go. Nice patch on the denim too.

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  1. FYI, the shirt you posted is not a “Yakuza inspired” shirt. It is a shirt designed by one of the foremost Yakuza tattoo masters, so it’s the real deal. Unless you are part of the tribe, you would not be able to get this actually tattooed even if you wanted to. This is why the shirt is expensive, and is a collectible work of wearable art.

    yakuza shirt

  2. Gene P

    A more appropriate WTF might be why you were searching for a “Yakuza inspired shirt” for your summer essentials catalogue. Can’t wait for that shit to come out……

  3. lando35mm

    Can I get one with barbed wire encircling my arms?

  4. Not barbed wire, but we are currently developing something similar with art by modern tribal tattoo master Leo Zulueta.

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