sick ass hd digital cameras


If you’re looking for a feature film quality digital camera, look no further. Red digital cameras are beautiful and build on a modular platform that allows you to build a custom camera that evolves as you need it. Here’s what they say about their product.

“The RED ONE™ body – designed for flexibility and functionality. Weighing in at 10 lbs, this is a streamlined package specifically designed to maximize your shooting options. Matched with a 35mm PL lens mount, it allows you to take advantage of the world’s finest optics. Modular and upgradeable, the RED ONE™ camera is a future-proof acquisition system you can build upon. RED ONE™’s modular design means you can upgrade with us as we add new features and accessories, as well as benefitting from performance improvements with each new free firmware upgrade.”

Also check this pimped out camera….


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  1. Blobby Digital

    this company is actually pretty retarded..they show off all this sick equipment and make it virtually impossible to purchase. COMMERCE FAIL.

  2. Dan

    Actually… the company is a good company. The REDs are in such high demand that for a while they couldn’t keep up. Yes, they miss their deadlines and they continually change specs in an effort to keep pressing the envelope.

    We own a RED One and have shot over 15 music videos and concerts on them and they are incredible cameras.

    Check out some of our work at

  3. Albert

    The one thing that Red completely failed at was making a camera that looked halfway decent. In all honesty, their cameras look like they were made from a Lego Technics set.

    Please Red, hire some designers that still aren’t humping Blade Runner.

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