Caleb Neelon on Why Prosecuting Shepard Fairey is Bad for Boston


Caleb Neelon had a speaking arrangement at the ICA in Boston this past Saturday. In part of it he spoke of Shepard Fairey’s arrest and made some very valid points about Boston itself.

You should read all of it, which he has published here.

Below, a quick excerpt.

“Shepard’s arrest gave every brand director, location scout, art collector, ad buyer, and trend spotter reason to be wary of doing business in our city – all the while snickering into their hand and shaking their heads at us. People laugh at Boston for being a city of culturally clueless Puritans, and because of that, business that depends on an audience to the contrary, avoids Boston. This arrest has renewed our subscription to this unfortunate perception.”

Caleb Neelon also has a show opening up this weekend at White Walls in San Francisco, go see it.

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