Birdwell Beach Britches


Birdwell’s have been my bathing suit of choice ever since my father bought me my first pair at age 6 (read: young).  It seems now that the fashion world has caught on to these gems with the news of South Willard’s collaboration with the 40 + year old brand.  With all hope this will be the only collaboration Birdwell’s does, because most of the time basic is beautiful.

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  1. Kevin Niles

    Board short Beach Britches

  2. Anna

    Birdwell Beach Britches is the WORST company I have EVER had to deal with! I can’t believe anyone would recommend them.

    After months of dealing with birdwells people, I still don’t have a bathing suit and don’t know if I’ll get one. I called several times over the course of 3 months to see where my bathing suit was, and was finally told that they can’t find it in their system.

    I asked for some kind of compensation because they had given me the run around for months, where horribly rude, and were unable to deliver my bathing suit with in the 3-4 weeks promised.

    The president of the company (When I asked for the owner of the business, she said there was no one over her accept “God”) mocked me saying that I thought I was “special” and had ordered a “special” bathing suit and I thought I was so “special” that I should get it for free.

    She hung up on me afterwards.

    I have never been treated so poorly and wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone. I was truly shaken after she hung up.

    Just thought you should know how this company runs in the customer service department.

  3. my logo design–“birdie”.–m.s.

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