Hymen Lipman


Inventor of the pencil eraser.

Best Name I have heard today.

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  1. Jade

    How many names do you “hear” a day? And did you “hear” of this one when you googled best names ever? If so then I think Commander Flex Plaxico should get a nod too.

  2. the enablist

    I usually hear about 5 new peoples names a day, flex plexico is a good one, thanks. I googled ‘best names ever’ just now, but after the results prefer organic discovery.

  3. JADE

    Would you mind enlightening us as to the context in which you “organically discovered” Hymen Lipman. Are you interning at oriole pencil co. ? Or did you recently purchase a scan-tron machine on ebay, and discover that gem of a name in the accompanying literature?

  4. the enablist

    Sure thing. I found the post on BoingBoing, thought Hymen Lipman was a cool name, then wrote about it.

  5. miguel

    i think is a pretty cool name too, and I dont fully understand Jade, are you pissed off with this entry Jade???
    I dont care how you find things, but please, keep finding them!!!
    TWBE 4 life!!!

  6. JADE

    Hey “miguel” stop being such a fucking kiss ass. Im pissed because Hymen Lipman is my father.

  7. the enablist

    Jade, I am very happy to know that old people like you have finally learned to use the internet. BTW, how was the great depression?

  8. JADE

    Its going on now, in case you didn’t notice

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