absolute word vomit


Aol introduced a hip new cutting-edge blag today…

“Welcome to StreetLevel. This is a site for guys who are into things and stuff not because they’re mindless consumers or brainwashed followers, but because they are avid collectors, discerning connoisseurs and trendsetters with impeccable taste. We will inform and enlighten you about fashion, sneakers, cars, games, toys, gadgets, art, film and all other passions of the grown-ass kid.

This is your site, so we want you to put us up on things too. Users will get to report on local trends as well as submit pics and other content to show the world how you get fly in your neck of the woods. We’re hip-hop heads, sneaker fiends, gear addicts, art enthusiasts, sports fanatics and comic book nerds. We will serve you well because we’re cut from the same cloth. This is StreetLevel.com. Welcome home.”

Now, I’m sure the Aol brass put the Editor up to making such horrible words come to life but seriously… “This is a site for guys who are into things and stuff”

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  1. That is the worst copy I have ever read that didn’t involve the words “AIG” and “values your business.”


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