Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Israel / Palestine


If memory serves me correct, the imagery for this print first appeared in an enormous way this past February at Shepard Fairey’s ICA retrospective.  Luckily for the public, the decision has been made to turn this into a print that will be available for purchase this Thursday, March 19th at 12pm EST. On the obvious tip, is it just me or is this the closest Shepard Fairey has ever gotten to looking like Georgia O’Keefe?

*Ed’s note:  And by O’Keefe, I mean a lady coming out of a vagina.

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  1. So glad that Shepard Fairey is stepping into the situation in the middle east to make this non commital statement. What is this image saying? Is the title just another grab at profiting off of a very serious challenge to global peace?

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