Vote Earth commercial

I always like the way Shepard Fairey’s work comes off in animation, look out for prints in the future.

“The first global ‘Vote Earth’ television commercial will feature Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ and artwork by Shepard Fairey with animation by Syd Garron, voice over by Cate Blanchett and production by Curious Films.”

I think ‘Earth Hour’ will be one huge makeout session.

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  1. Nice commercial. I will definitely be turning off my light switch(es) on Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm. My light switch is my vote.

  2. The interesting thing about this years campaign is that, as we get into the home stretch with just over two weeks to go, there are over 1,000 cities involved with Earth Hour. Every day it gets more and more momentum. Japan is the only country that hasn’t truely got involved – however Tokyo Disneyland are.

    This year is different because everyones vote needs to be heard to go towards making a difference at Copenhagen. Everyone needs to join the Vote Earth community (live 13 March) on

    To have a look at the campaign material go to:

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