the world’s largest diesel


February 17th, mark your calendar. Diesel is opening a really big store with three floors of hand cut steel and glass.  You will also be able to laser etch your name into your jeans.

They will also offer:

same day alterations

tailoring done on-site;

messenger service

store-wide Wi-Fi

e-commerce portals

a multilingual staff

If that is not enough VIP services…

There’s even a program for the “Power Shopper” where clientele can recharge their mobile phones; pick up an umbrella or rain poncho or grab a jumbo shopping bag to place all of their other daily purchases inside.

That sure is a lot of things, everything seems strange now in this economy. For more info….here

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  1. Anthony

    ahhhhhhhh …. I saw this the other night while in a cab, and thought that I was just dreaming. I figured it was either the comatose feeling from the chicken & rice, or the influence of all that Black neat talking back to me. Good to know that my eyes didn’t deceive me.

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