invaders must die review….


Yesterday we recieved the advance copy of the new Prodigy album…. We would love to be able to give you an indepth review of the new album but….. We do not own a cd player. The Prodigy advance is prohibited from being played on a computer. Anyone knows if you really wanted to rip the cd you could easily get around this issue. All you need is a analog to usb converter(got it) borrow your friends cd walkman(looking into it) and bam! One watermark free copy of The Prodigy. Well that sounds easy but I do not have the time to do this. Is it worth the time?

So instead of a review of the album how about a survey…..

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  1. Elias


  2. Invader

    Yes you DO have the time! and yes please do it!

    I DARE YOU! you’ve got loads of fans crawling and waiting for this album! DO IT!

  3. Kler

    it’s worth the time definitely ! so can you rip it please please please!!

  4. DAVE

    don’t be a tard

  5. lulz killer

    Don’t rip it.

  6. texas reason

    Bad news fan’s I need to print a retraction, I tried to play the cd on my cd player at home and it did not play. It must be defective. Now I really want to hear the cd. I know how you feel being teased with the chance of hearing the record. I will try to find it for you.

  7. Joe Tapper

    Lots of people claim to have this advance edition. Mind doing some proper photo-proof like the actual disc, inlets, different angles etc? 🙂

  8. i have a solution to the watermarking, the watermark is the very last line on the inner cd, simply go over this with a black marker, make sure not to use a permanent marker else u wont get it off the cd, it will simply rub off with tissue so no problems, then it should work on digital gear such as dvd players and pc’s

  9. urfun

    Please please please rip it please.

  10. mgmt

    So I just sent a email to the PR company that had sent us the disk to send us another since it is defective. So at the moment we have nothing! I will keep you posted once we hear back
    -Texas Reason

  11. Liam

    RIP IT please

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