pete doherty, reality?


All of our UK readers are lucky enough to be able to watch MTV1‘s special 24 hours with Pete Doherty. We’re not sure if it’s as captivating as Jake Bauer but, it has got to be entertaining. From the description, the show is “…much less controversial than you may imagine with cleaning and feeding his hundreds of cats high up on the list of things to experience. Oh, and the paintings done in his own blood, an awkward conversation about a certain ex (it’s Kate Moss in case you were wondering) and a mysterious room that the cameras weren’t allowed in to. As Pete frolicks in a field out the back of his manor, the Gio Goi gang are frantically putting on a bit of a show during the incredibly busy London Fashion Week. No one can get hold of Pete and as the clock ticks away, Gio founders the Donnelly brothers start getting nervous that the star of the show won’t make it on time….”

What more can you ask for? Maybe the opportunity to watch it over here in the US.

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  1. sam

    Is there a way that one could watch this from overseas (Australia)

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