Awesome 1980’s Bmx Bikes

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Dyno, Haro, GT, Mongoose, Diamond Back, Redline.  Forget the fixed gears of today, these are the bikes of the mid-1980’s and they are bad ass.
All images courtesy of the BMX Museum.

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  1. pds

    more interesting seems to be all the devices used to prop the bikes up for the photos…

  2. Anton

    Reminds me of my old redline!

  3. If you like this stuff, come on over to the website,
    We now have over 14,500 bikes in our database, and look forward to seeing yours included too! CHeers, GAry “bmxmuseumologist”

  4. yeah gary youre roght!

    PPL come check us out at youll love it! im a member ther, (username bmxcolorado) and it ROCKS!!!

  5. If you rode it back in the day, it is probably in the museum!

  6. its not just old bikes either 🙂 weve got old all the way to the new 2009 come check it out

  7. Not surprised that my bikes didn’t make it on here…I am surprised at the # of freestyle bikes that did. All the mags and wheel covers…weird.

  8. Looks as Gary as a Free Style fetish!! LOL!!!

  9. rune_1578

    is that as extensive as the pics are gonna get??? missing quite a few mentionable 80’s freestylers i think……..also a member at……..rune_1578…….need 2 throw atleast an 87 predator pro in there……..

  10. the enablist

    I had initially planned on making this a one-off slideshow. However if you all want to put together a more comprehensive list of bikes, I will publish another feature on these no doubt. It was really fun and brought me back to the radical rick days of bmx plus etc…

    The Enablist

  11. R.L. Osborne

    Don’t listen to Rune_1578. He rips off people constantly.

    Nice show!!

  12. EL TORO!!!


  13. troy

    i have a 1980 pkripper i was wanting to find out how much its worth


  14. Seeing all these pics brings back some good memories! I wish i hung on to my Diamondback Viper 2 and JMC! This site takes me back to the good days!

  15. Jas

    My question is how can I buy any of the those bikes shown??

  16. bmx1967

    I have an older Badd mini frame sn # has only 3 numbers. I would like to find out what year it is… I heard back then that they only made 1000 of them. Would like any info one this…. Thank you ….

  17. Being an eighties kid this bought back so many memories. I would have loved a BMX, however my parents bought me the girl bikes 🙁 I have three sons now and they ride Fly bikes (think thats what they’re called) and Fit BMX. Expensive, but awesome bikes. They had GT’s also and they didn’t last long..

  18. only two words…….LOVE IT:)

  19. Som

    i have a gt pro series 1989 in black

  20. Grumbo

    I have an 1983 redlinecprostyler.. Original in all ways

  21. john

    I only ever had 1 “factory” bike. No clue as to who made it, it came with dirt motorcycle, shocks systems on front and rear, even had a faux gas tank etc. usted to break the back wheel axle at least twice a week lol.
    Every other bike i ever owned was my own creation, loved my 20″ schwinn bmx with 10 speed gears. Most diffacult part of building that one is derailers weren’t designed, with enough spring tension so chain had a habit of coming off on jumps lol till i painstakingly tightened the tension not easy to do without factory style tools.

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