giant robot prints money


Probably one of the better gift idea’s this year, buy prints. It’s a lot better than a Starbucks Coffee card. Check out  Printed Matter, a Giant Robot classic. The gallery will literally be filled with prints, from floor to ceiling, and customers will be able to come in and buy prints, walk out with them that day. The show, features:
Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, Issac Lin, Andrew Jeffery Wright, Alex Lukas, Bill McRight, Justin Fines, Chris Kline (both from RadMountain), Jesse LeDoux, Chris Bettig, Blinky, Luke Chueh, Leif Goldberg, GUNSHO, Le Merde, Mike Perry, Sidney Pink, Jay Ryan, Sean Boyles….and a bunch of others. Everyones given me AT LEAST 4 different designs. So if your in San Fran and are looking for the goods check them out. I believe  you may be able to get them online as well.

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