Crazy EX-Girlfriend

Gene P has a crazy ex-girlfriend.  For a while now there have been a slew of comments defamating the character of our expatriated correspondent. We thought they came internally, until today when a comment was entered into a post about delicious donut muffins that could not have been written by any of our friends.  It was rude and will not be repeated. However, with some easy internet sleuthing I found out who it was written by. A bitter Ex-Girlfriend. So in response, just for kicks, I posted another lame comment from her which you can still read here, or below.

“Gene P – Your girlfriend is a roast beef face! Ditch that dog! Just because she’s french doesn’t make her a babe! I expect better out of you. And C_Quoi – Your post makes absolutely no sense. Learn how to speak English! Or maybe you were just drunk?”

Moral of the story is this: Anna you’re crazy. Get over Gene P and move on, he is not even in this country anymore.  Also, if you comment from the same computer, it has the same IP address. So you can change your name as many times as you want, but the IP address will never change. Anonymity on the internet is a joke.

Have a nice day and chill out.

Yours Truly,

The Enablist

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  1. jpr

    Good thing she doesn’t hold a grudge and has moved on with her life. Is the new girl as crazy as the old one? I haven’t had thepleasure of meeting her yet. I hope they don’t fight constantly like he did with crazy ex.

  2. Panti Christ

    Wow. It’s pretty bad when someone has to be publically reprimanded for being crazy. I mean, it’s funny for me, the reader….

  3. trouthead

    hysterical. gene p’s love life deserves its own weekly column.
    “Adventures in Parmesean.”

  4. Popsci

    I saw her the other day, and got to meet her new man. His name is
    Johnny Romano, and he rides one of those long skateboards, and oddly enough, has a french bob haircut. ATTACK OF THE CLONES!

  5. Johnny Romano

    Not cool.

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