The Dark Backward

Boasting a strange cast (Judd Nelson, Bill Paxton, Lara Flynn Boyle, Wayne Newton) in an even stranger film, The Dark Backward is one of those movies to watch when there is no other movie.  Watch the trailer here

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  1. Michael

    This movie is amazing(ly bad). I love it! Same guy who directed Detroit Rock City. Watch both films and you’ll notice that they both have advertisements for “Blumps” products in their respective settings.

    This blog Unusual Times is having a contest where you can win 50 strange films and this movie is on the list:

  2. melanie

    i love judd nelson. ooohhh do i have a headache. i really want to see his films but sometimes they are so hard to find. like it took me two months to find cabin by the lake. now i really want to see the dark backward. fandango is a really good movie. i just love his voice. i love you. im 29 so my generation was not the breakfast club. i am still a big fan.

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