JR gets large in NYC (Picture of the Day)

JR on the corner of Bowery and Houston.  There is a pretty awesome show next week in the building that this on.  More on the later.

(click image for massive)

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  1. adam

    i’m calling photoshop

  2. the enablist

    I took the shot a couple hours ago, amazing

  3. blkbrrry

    i drove past this on wednesday night, heading home, after being turned away from the ‘welcome to bagdad’ show at white box bowery. ( a ton of people never got the cancellation/postponment email )

    JR was in the middle of working on this, on a scaffold. i immediately pulled out my camera, since i was stopped directly in front of it. but thanks for posting a photo of the complete piece. cool!

  4. blkbrrry

    p.s. do you know what day the show is? i will be in philly on business, tues,wed & thurs. please don’t tell me it’s one of those days.

  5. the enablist

    Outsiders opens next saturday and runs for a couple weeks, so you’re safe. I would love to see to the installation shots

  6. blkbrrry

    i haven’t uploaded them yet to my library, not even sure how good they look. how do i get them to you?

  7. adam

    ok – wow. stand corrected.
    so I guess McNally is allowing Lazarides to use the space… Is this a repeat of 11 Spring?

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