One word: Kwaktastic!

Your favorite Parmegiano here, it’s Mean Gene with a series of new posts where I’ll be introducing the exotic, rarely seen aspects of European culture to you yankee doodle dandies.  Today I’m dropping some seriously awesome new cereal on you folks over there on the wrong side of the earth.  I’m not sure what’s more enticing about this box; the 3 main ingredients listed on the back: sugar, oil and chocolate flakes, or the Duck doing an air-split over the cereal bowl.  This shit looks like it was part of the original Howard the Duck promotion package and I’ve only seen it in Belgium, as if that’s the only country that has Howard the Duck fans?  Either way, we know what Mr. Gene P will be eating every morning for the next couple of weeks…..  

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  1. Sherry

    I dont want to stroke your ego( which you do yourself every time you let us know how cool it is to live in Europe) but if it wasn’t for your posts this site would almost be worthless. I say almost because this site still saves me time from having to check gawker, gizmodo, and imdb. Thanks Gene!

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