Photos from Os Gemeos at Deitch

I went down this afternoon to take some pictures without any human interruption. This show is truly freaking awesome. After the jump, visual evidence


The Enablist, above and below

Go see this show, it runs through August 9th

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  1. sketchypad

    Nice pics. Show looks f’ing amazing!

  2. Awesome photos! Looks like you got every angle. I linked to you in a post about the show if you don’t mind! Thanks also for the RSS. You’ll be seeing me around!

  3. Muito bom! Muito bom de ver, de degustar com os olhos.
    E viva o Bosch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jane Milman

  4. Muito bom! Muito bom ! E bom de degistar com os olhos.
    Viva Bosch !!!!

  5. Truly inspirational….. OS GEMEOS continue to blow minds, myself included……..

  6. Adelina

    É gratificante ver um trabalho assim tao expressivo, feito com intensa dedicação, pois percebe-se na riqueza de detalhes, o olhar atento e a sensibilidade desses artistas. Admiravel! Parabens e Sucesso!

  1. A Arte dos Gêmeos. - Dec 10th, 2009

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