Gene Parm chubbs out at Villette Sonique

Gene Parmegéne reporting to you again from Paris, this time from the Summer Music Festival:  Villette Sonique, which took place over last 2 weeks at Parc de Villette in Paris. The line up was pretty cool for this chubbfest; Devo, Sunset Rubdown, Deerhunter, The Go! Team, Dan Deacon and others.  Genius’ that they are, the event organizers pitted Devo up against a double bill of Deerhunter into Sunset Rubdown.  Despite my oath of allegiance to Mark Mothersbaugh (my dog and him are close friends) I chose the 12 euro ticket instead of the 40 euro one.  What I got in return was the lead singer of Deerhunter, angry at the concert promotors for calling him a “Géant Anorexique” (anorexic giant) in the band bio, threatening to sue for libel then requesting an audience volunteer to be pissed on (surprisingly, no one saddled up).  So inspired by this I decided to focus my report of this festival on the subject of “Asses”, real and figurative.  The following are from the Sunday free show which was with B. Dolan, Sage Francis, and some shitty portuguese band…….


These girls deserved 2 shots….


Stop shakin’ that ass bitch, you’re havin’ too much fun!!

There’s a Claus Oldenburg sculpture of a big buried bike in Parc de Villette.  The show was located at the seat, I liked to refer to our area as the “Stink Zone”.

If the tilt of Dude’s hat doesn’t scream “Ass” enough for you, then check his “The Hulk” color coordinated socks and girlfriend’s skirt.  We like green!!


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