the "world's" first urban art auction (the worlds best ever)

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the "world's" first urban art auction

Lot 29 Adam Neate (British, born 1988) 'The Apprentice', 2007 Estimate: £25,000 - 30,000

To critics this may seem like a glorified ebay auction, all familiar faces and names, works that we have seen before. The difference is that this auction is not taking place on the World Wide Web, but in physical space on February 5th, at Bonham's in London. Of the 75 lots up for sale, almost one-third (22) are attributed to Banksy. While the artist is represented by a couple stellar pieces, most have made their rounds in one form or another. But do not let the volume of work available by the living legend throw you off. There are also those other artists who have been unwillingly cast into cold reality of the Auction House. The most interesting lot in the auction at Bonham's may be no. 29 featuring Adam Neate (b. 1988), who still a teenager, is commanding a high estimate of £30,000 for his painting 'The Apprentice'. He is still a kid, and a highly regarded one at that.
What is missing from this auction are the Americans. Sure, Faile is here and there are a couple Harings thrown in for authenticity, but for the most part a lack of Americans. The place where this form of art was born, represented poorly. While this Auction is tagged The World's First Urban Art Auction, there is not much of the world here. And how does Murakami feel about being lumped into 'Urban Art'?

A couple highlights after the jump.

Lot 19 Banksy (British, born 1975) Untitled, 2000, Estimate: £40,000 - 60,000

Lot 46 Keith Haring (American, 1958-1990) 'Blueprint Drawing #15', 1990 Estimate: £4,000 - 6,000

Lot 11 Faile (American, Canadian, Japanese) 'London 12', 2004, Estimate: £3,000 - 5,000