New Banksy pieces in NYC


So Banksy came to town. Presumably, a bit before the (RED) Auction last week. And as any artist would do, he left his mark in a couple places across the city. We have found one on the island of Manhattan, A Little Bo Peep bangin some change out of the pay phone. But, there are more. Another piece is rumored to be in the old gallery district of Chelsea and one more, the best of them all, residing somewhere off the island (maybe the bronx).

This is not the first time the streets of NY have seen Banksy’s work, there was a tiny rat next to the Gemeos piece in NoLita and another, a Girl with a Balloon that used to be on a red wall on the corner of East Broadway and Jefferson St. And then of course, he did infiltrate our Museums (clouseau hat and all) in 2005. **A reader also reminded us of the Boy and Girl jumping rope in Williamsburg. We are happy to see him return. In the spirit of these finds we are offering up a prize of a TWBE tote bag full of randomness to whoever locates the two missing Banksy’s. Sound good? For more info on this piece above and the prize, contact us. More after the jump.


Missing Banksy #1 (photo from Banksy’s site)


Missing Banksy #2 (photo from Figure Painting)


Os Gemeos & Banksy, 2005


Banksy at The Met (photo from Wooster Collective)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 2006 (photo from corsiglia)


The guys over at Paper Monster have the correct angle for the shot


The TWBE tote. Which, if you’re not in NY you can buy here

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  1. gonzo

    is this banksy? it would be easy for ANYONE in america to really think this is him. he is great but i lets hope these are ALL HISS!….we shall see


  2. Luna Park

    spotted in brooklyn:

  3. DB

    Bo Peep is in the East Village off Ave A., but the pay phone has been removed since the piece was done..

  4. frank

    maybe, just maybe( just putting it out there as a theory) Banksy is not just one person but a group of anonymous artist who use the name ” Banksy” for a group name.

    meh, his or their art is still kick ass but you never know…

  5. Alex

    I find his new works with the bo peep and the boy on the “sheep” to be really bizarre and more like Cara Walker than his typical works. He should stick to the elaborate, colored stencils – the silhouettes just arn’t as interesting. The only thing that prevents me from thinking they are an imitation is the fact that they are posted on his website.

  6. Alex

    Hey there,

    Found Bansky’s “Bronco” after some trolling on google maps using “streetview”. It’s at 125th st. and fifth avenue, on the southwest corner. It is in Manhattan, in the middle of an area known as Harlem, one block north of the Frederick Douglas Housing Projects.

    Here is a link to a screenshot I uploaded from Google earth.

    As for Winnie the Pooh, I think its presence in Chelsea is a rumor. I have searched the area both on foot and from google extensively. One post I found online claimed that shot is from london, others say that we are all getting our leg pulled here and sent on wild goose chases.

    So did anyone else already tell you guys, or am I gonna get one of those tote bags?

  7. Alex

    Here is a link to the true location of Pooh bear, which is in london.

  8. Alex

    Also, one more update on Banksy – the store owner painted over bo peep. Kudos to “Supertouch” for the pics of this, though I wish he would have said something…

  9. Anyone seen this Banksy piece in NYC? Going off of the website below, it looks as though it just went up yesterday!

  10. kayla

    does anyone have a really large file version of the little bo peep one?
    i’m desperate for it!!! i’ve been looking everywhere. i only have small versions of it, i want a big file.

    it’s my favourite banksy piece! can you email me the photo or a link to one if you find one?
    i know one exists because i used to have one but lost it 🙁

  11. wen

    anyone have the exact locations of Banksy’s in N.Y.? i’m going there in april and i wanna see some….

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