paul mccarthy chocolates (the worlds best ever)

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paul mccarthy chocolates


Paul McCarthy will be delivering something a little sweet to New York for the Holidays. Opening November 15th at Maccarone, McCarthy will transform the 6000 sq. ft gallery space into a fully functioning chocolate factory and retail area, under the name Peter Paul Chocolates. Available for purchase will be chocolate Santa's based off of his sculpture of a Santa holding what appears to be a butt-plug. These Chocolates will be available for $100 through December 24th.


Posted by: JM Bell:

Yup, that's a giant butt-plug.

Wow ... Santa ... Who'd of thunk it?

Posted by: eazy:

There's a huge one in a Rotterdan museum:

Posted by: Eaglecrash:

No no no! It's clearly just a very smoooooth Christmas tree. You know, without any sticky-out bits to harm sweet little children.

Posted by: smithy:

Santa is clearly a bottom.

Posted by: Janet Marie:

As much as it would be fun to think it's an anal plug, clearly the stem is not narrow enough to stay in as plugs need to do for optimal pleasure.

It's a Christmas tree. *laughing*

Posted by: ek:

"santa with tree and bell"

Posted by:

Its a butt plug, I know my brother is making them in new york!

Posted by: Shaunmadeus:

Art|Basel in Miami was selling these last weekend. Sticker on Box states "Chocolate Santa With Butt-Plug". Honestly anyone who is familiar with Paul McCarthy should know better than to think it's a tree.

Posted by: igninisit:

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