“Dynamite waiting to happen!” is what Anjay called it. Morbidly, he forecasted his own demise as the council members decided to “mix up” the districts. This episode’s end would find our Bollywood bound Hindu from Blue crying to whichever of his thousands of gods would listen as Greg exclaimed, “Dude, SHUT UP!” to his lame pre-challenge pep-talk and would ultimately dispute his seat on the town council. “Mix up” turned out to be a relative term when all but Laurel, whose course red hair and gritty New England accent left little room for discussion, added 1 member from another district to theirs, shattering friendships in the process but retaining the overall stink of each district. Despite adding Blaine, the girly pussies of Yellow still cried themselves to sleep at night, everyone on Blue still hates Anjay, especially since he split up Greg and Blaine, and Red is even more of a bunch of boogers with Nathan added to the mix (except for DK and Markelle; anyone who would buy a pogo stick for the sole purpose of ripping down someone’s campaign banner and pogo-ing on it in the center of town is alright in my book). But it wasn’t all bad, Blaine took advantage of his transfer to move out of Greg’s shadow. His increased presence was not overlooked as he was awarded the gold star this week. Still drunk on his newly acquired $20,000 of solid gold, Blaine put forth his bid to take on Zach for district leader as elections loom on the horizon. In his words, “I’m a man of action. I can get things done. Sometimes it takes actions to get things done.” That’s good talkin’ son. Here’s to hoping that it takes action to get things done all the time. Enjoy your 20G payday Blainester, GeneP out.

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