MISFITS TOUR (the worlds best ever)

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Misfits are on tour..... well the fake misfits have a "30th"anniversary tour. (cough,cough), and then there is the Danzig tour.........(with Doyle's band opening up). I saw Danzig at the Nokia theater 2 years ago with Doyle, they performed a 20-30 minutes set of classic Misfits, and all I have to say it was worth it! I was also surprised how he can sing like "danzig" and then switch it up and sing like "glenn" I was never lucky enough to see them live back in the day, but I have to say this was probably the closest chance you can get, and that chance is October 27th at Nokia once more, tickets are on sale now.

For a interesting read check out this article "RETRO-FIT: A LOOK BACK AT THE 1982 SAN FRANCISCO MISFITS RIOT" By Manny Badtimes & Max Dropout