carlo rossi: make something (the worlds best ever)

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carlo rossi: make something

Chardonnay Chandelier

I remember the first time I encountered a bottle of Carlo Rossi, I was 19 years old at a ghetto liquor store named Tick-Tock. After the first jug was bought, my friends and I created a game called "Jugs", wherein the jug was passed around in a circle, if you slept on it you were called Milk Maid and forced to chug. Those were the days, when blue tooth was what you got the morning after a bout with the vino.
Fast-forward to now, where Carlo Rossi actually has a marketing campaign. The idea behind it is to "make something", and the concept is totally cool. At first I was hesitant, but after visiting their website I was sold. What do you do with that empty jug? Make something. Pictured above is the Chardonnay Chandelier, one of five different pieces you can download specs from on the site. You can also submit your own designs to the Rossi team. A D.I.Y. / I.D. challenge to say the least. Drink up and re-use, good for the earth and great for the buzz. See the other pieces after the jump and visit Carlo Rossi for more.

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