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Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things that you’re bound to find interesting

Digital Journalism: How Good Is It?

The lyrics of recent No. 1 singles average at a third-grade reading level

Great NPR Spoofs

Inside the secret basement powering the NYC subway’s wireless future

Fade Out: The Filmmaker Who Vanished

Why We Lost It Over Beanie Babies

“I Can’t Afford Not to Have That Money”: The Worst PayPal Horror Stories

Songs That Make Us Cry

A History Of Unisex Fashion

The Worst Band To Ever Play The Late Show With David Letterman


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Friday’s Vault

This Is Not The New H-STREET video (1990)

Not Really, But…


Long Beach, Washington. A 28-mile stretch of sand home to one of the better beach entry signs in the world.


Here’s the official trailer for Amy. This Summer’s most moving documentary.

Roughly the Distance from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas


How far Frodo and Sam walked in The Lord of the Rings.

All Types of Characters


We’re pleased to announce a new group show that we’ve organized at Joshua Liner Gallery. Opening June 18th and on display until July 11th, 2015, All Types of Characters is an exhibition of work that focuses on figures of the artist’s imagination. 

Featuring: Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Andy Jenkins, Andy Rementer, Bill Plympton, Caleb Neelon, Chris Lux, Chris DAZE Ellis, Chris Pape, Christian Rex van Minnen, Frohawk Two Feathers, Hiro Kurata, HuskMitNavn, Jaimie Warren, Jason Jägel, Jay Howell, Jeanette Hayes, Jim Houser, Luke Pelletier, Mark Mulroney, Mark Thomas Gibson, Matt Leines, Mel Kadel, Michael Alvarez, Michael Gaughan, Mr. Kiji, Othelo Gervacio, Raina Hamner, Richard Colman, STEEL, Steve Nazar, SUB, Taylor McKimens, Thom Lessner, Timothy Uriah Steele, and Winnie Truong.

LSD Worldpeace

A look through some of the 142 full color reproductions of Joe Roberts’s artwork in this new book published by Unpiano.

Future Burner


The Light Phone is a pre-paid, credit card-sized phone that works with your current cell through an app. Limited to incoming and outgoing phone calls, the Light Phone is “designed to be used as little as possible.”

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For the Select Few


This Cali Thornhill Dewitt x Colette sweatshirt is limited to a total of 10 pieces.

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Paper Twin Peaks

Karla Azevedo is…


Wednesday’s Muse

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Ain’t That The Truth…


Bert Rodriguez, It’s The Least I Can Do (2014)

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